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Fort Myers, Fla., Weekly Report, March 4-10, 2018

April 5, 2018

This week we hosted a crew of ten energetic young men from Missouri and two men from Mississippi.

Three crew leaders led in projects.

Ray Heisey’s team did roofing projects in Immokalee.  A highlight of their week was cake, cookies and apples from one of the home owners.

Dave Siegrist’s team did roofing, siding, painting and interior trim work on a home in Bonita Springs.  On lunch break, by invitation of the local community, they were treated to playing botchee ball on the botchee court by the home they were working on.  If you’ve never played it…try it, you might like it.

Ryan Sprunger’s team did drywall, painting and siding work.  His team and Dave’s team we’re given a noon meal on Monday by a local organization, in appreciation for the service MDS is giving. The group provides the Monday meal each week.

Director Don signed up five new jobs this week.  He also went on his “trapline” visit to all the current projects. Dorothy, the office manager, and Brynna, the intern, accompanied him to see the projects their area of work supports.

A special event this week was celebrating the birthday of one of the volunteers from Missouri, with a birthday cake and ice cream, thanks to the cooks.

This week 5 jobs have been signed on and 3 completed. Total jobs January 1 to date:  46 signed on and 30 completed.

Dietetic intern Brynna Bangerter from Utah completed her two weeks here and returned to Bluffton College. Replacing her is Zack Feece from Indiana

Staff transitions: Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Elmer and Mary Friesen, Leo and Miriam Martin finished their time here.  Don Mintmier, Ryan Sprunger, Dave and Dorothy Siegrist, Ray and Mim Heisey are the current staff.

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