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Fort Myers, FL – Weekly Report – Mar 25-29, 2019

April 1, 2019

This week we had twelve volunteers from the Pleasant View Mennonite church in Dayton, Virginia, plus the driver couple.  We had five couples in total and four young adults.  We met them on Sunday the 24th crossing paths from the camp and they were headed to the beach before orientation on Sunday evening!

It was a good week of work and evening laughter as we got to know each other.

There was a roofing crew that worked on the home of Deborah Foster.  She was an inspirational lady who blessed them with water and treats and she sang all day.  Her joy had not left her even though her roof leaked.

The work continued on the house builds in Immokalee. At the Rivera house trim was being installed. At the Martinez house siding was installed and basically completed.  We are waiting for a contractor to come to sheet rock.

Here’s a list of the creatures we saw:  alligators, a black snake and a copper snake (dead on the road), cockroaches, armadillo (scared me!), fire ants, possums, and a bob cat. I may have missed some animals and a lot of vultures and birds.

Don Mintmier and Anne Guenther arrived on Wednesday evening to start the transition of Project Manager and Office Manager.  Anne has been a great help in month end invoicing, and she will be a great asset next month until the project closes.

All but one (Henry) of the March leadership team is heading home on Saturday.  We have all enjoyed our experience here in Fort Myers with fond memories to take home, along with our collection of shells and shark teeth and the warm Florida sun, oh and oranges! 

From:  Rollie Ulrich, Henry Schellenberg, Ginny & Chuck Gibson, Bill & Marie Giesbrecht, Vern & Jeanene Wiens, John & Linda Sawatzky

Submitted by Linda Sawatzky