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Fort Myers, FL – Weekly Report – Mar 18-22, 2019

March 28, 2019

This week we had a first cousin reunion!  All are young adults who gathered together from Ohio and Wisconsin to be our crew, plus a driver couple Justin & Nancy Brubaker from Ogema, Wisconsin.  Also a new cook joined us, Jeanene Wiens and her husband Vern from Glenlea, Manitoba.

The men had good experience in roofing and carpentry skills so they were a big help for our roofing projects and also finishing the Rivera house. The women worked just as hard and were quick learners.

We had a roofing team at Jose Rosado’s house in La Belle.  What a transformation, not only for the house but for the life of Jose.  He lives with his five dogs and a son.  His house was in a terrible state of cleanliness, and some found it very hard to work inside.  On the second day of work, the volunteers noticed he had penned up the dogs and there was some space on the counter top. On day three there was more improvement: dishes were done and the floors had been swept. 

The roof was finished on day three by noon (record time) and Jose wanted a picture with the group. He was so grateful to have a dry house again.  He was living a despondent life and this work and the people around him brought him new hope.  He even has plans to paint the rooms.

The other team led by Ginny Gibson kept working at the Rivera house. Flooring and cabinets were installed and outside trim (corners) for siding was started.

The Martinez house was insulated. Unfortunately a plumbing inspection failed, so we are waiting for that to clear.

Kelsey Friesen, the Canadian Volunteer and Project Coordinator, visited us on Thursday and on Friday she was up on the roof and felt some of that warm Florida sun.

Friday afternoon the young crew was off to see some of Florida’s sights, heading to the Everglades after washing all six vehicles. 

A lot of wonderful work was accomplished.  Thanks to Jason, Ivan and Vernon Sauder; Louella,  Nancy and Norlene Zimmerman; Edwin Zimmerman; Nancy Fay Shirk, Leondale and Galen Shirk; Glen Martin (the cousins) and Justin & Nancy Brubaker

From:  Rollie Ulrich, Ginny & Chuck Gibson, Bill & Marie Giesbrecht, John & Linda Sawatzky, Henry Schellenberg; Marco Tissen, Jeanene & Vern Wiens

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water boys!
Jose Rosado house