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Fort Myers, FL – Weekly Report – Jan 27-Feb 1, 2019

February 12, 2019

Here we are, one month into the New Year, and one month closer to getting families back into their homes.  The time has flown by with productivity!

This week, Ryan Bender invited 11 of his acquaintances from Pennsylvania and Maryland to come south for a week to help those in need.  Returning a year later are Christina and Brett Sorgen. They were happy to leave Saskatchewan to contribute their skills to home building and repairing.  We were happy to have them all here!

Deborah Coe, homeowner for our first new build, stopped by for dinner and is so excited to watch the progress on her home. Tyvek was wrapped on the house, and all windows were wrapped and installed as well.  Christina explained the detailed process of wrapping and putting in windows in order to pass inspection. Blue vinyl siding was nailed on by our expert siding team and the roof was shingled. They also made sure the area was cleaned up and looking nice.

Our second new build is taking shape.  The house has been framed and 200 lbs. of hurricane strapping were nailed into place. The bottom plate is bolted to the cement floor every 32 inches.  The interior stud walls are where they belong, the trusses are braced, and the wall- and roof-sheeting are done.  This group completed the drywall backing job too. The beams and posts on the porch are in place.  Miss Ludivina Rivera is happy!

Maria Garcia had her roof stripped of shingles and paper.  If the volunteers see a bad spot in the wood, they are required to take a picture of it and show the inspector when he comes to approve the repair.  Only then did we progress to nailing down the tar paper, which has to be nailed down every 6 inches on the edges, after being tarred down on all the edges. Lots of tar goes on the roof to make sure shingles stay put should there be another heavy wind.

Christina Carrillo’s roof was stripped, the bad wood was fixed (and of course photographed), and tar paper and new drip edge were nailed down. One half of the house was shingled. Which side you ask? The side not facing the street! The crew cleaned up the area before they left.

This fantastic group of volunteers stripped and shingled Juan Cardeñas’ roof.  Maria Sanchez’s house is now done, after we fixed some shingles. At Riverside camp, Hope House, where the Long Term Volunteers are staying, was sided with blue vinyl. New Fascia and soffit were applied as well, and the lattice put back into place. It looks great!!!

Morning devotions:  Jesse Yoder shared the definition of incarnational living, which basically means “may you see Jesus in me!”  Ryan reminded us to “build our homes on the Rock”!

Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Russell and Casey DeYoung, Gordon and Maria Martens, Neal Rempel and Jesse Yoder