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Fort Myers, FL – Weekly Report – Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

March 4, 2019

Two more terrific groups dragged themselves out of the cold to help out in Fort Myers.  Thank you to Kentucky James of the Eberly brothers and Wilma Burkholder from Pennsylvania for organizing these 15 volunteers.

The crew that Keith Burkholder was part of installed cabinets at Deborah Coe’s new home. He helped with nailing the window jams and Linda Burkholder helped snap the floor together. Deborah’s 7-yr.-old great nephew Casey stopped by several times this week to check on the progress. He wanted to help paint the interior trim but instead Barbara Dyck gave him a piece of wood that he could decorate. A very good idea, Barbara!   It won’t be long until this family can go HOME!

The Insiders at Ludivina Rivera’s house hung dry wall, so says Allen, another Eberly brother. Insulation was tucked in the eaves. The Outsiders, of which Ezra Hoover was part of, hung siding.  The crews are moving right along!! Marilyn Burkholder was part of the crew that hung board, taped, and mudded under Queen Mudder Barbara’s expert supervision.

At the Lillie Martinez home, the trusses were finished being put in place, reported Jonathan Ringler, of Colorado.  Amos Hoover was among those that backfilled the concrete foundation and installed the blocks that hold the insulation in.  Master Joist Hanger Andy Beiler, did just that: nailed joist hangers. The roof has been sheeted and almost all the tar paper has been nailed and tarred down. All of this was accomplished while the neighbor’s pit bulls supervised the work. They said it was a job well done! Henry, the last Eberly brother here, helped finish the roof at Fidel Alviar’s home. Job done!

Thus far in 2019, we have put on 12 new roofs and started 3 new builds from the framing stage on up. There are a lot fewer blue tarps to be seen in the Fort Myers area! Devotions this week are worth repeating: Linus Hoover shared his personal story of how he came to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Thank you for honoring us with this special part of your life!

Matthew 23 reminds us to serve humbly, not by standing on the street corner like the Pharisees so all can see what we are doing and pat us on the back.  Thank you for that very timely reminder, Layne Newswanger.

All of the volunteers this week, from different states and even countries, have come together as strangers and left as friends. We all have one thing in common: We believe that Jesus died for us and we are one body in Him!

There will be a whole new long term team beginning 3/3. The outgoing group has been together for the entire month of February. Thank you for your dedication, your love of others and your desire to help those in need. May God bless you; without a doubt, He already has.

Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Tom and Mary Brown, Barbara Dyck, Hank Gerbrandt, Layne Newswanger and Jesse Yoder