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Fort Myers, FL – Weekly Report – Feb 18-22, 2019

March 4, 2019

Layne Newswanger led his crew of seven from Pennsylvania in the job of shingling Ester Marroquin’s roof in LaBelle. This week they tore off shingles, repaired five bad spots with 3 sheets of plywood, and sealed off the roof paper with tar, as is required here.  This home was completed by nailing on new shingles.

Bertha Madrigal was pleased to have a group of six for two days.  Michael Fisher was on the crew that put metal on the porch roof. Then they removed, repaired, and replaced the shingles on the main roof.

Joel Peachey was on the crew at Celia Camacho’s house.  This week the team sheeted the roof, installed flashing and shingled.

Homeowner Deborah Coe is thrilled to tears every time she visits her own little castle. Christian Stoltzfus and his son Levi helped Barbara Dyck’s group continue to work on the interior. Drywall sanding is done to perfection, so the walls were primed and painting has begun. Flooring was laid in the rooms where painting is finished.

This week the roof was shingled at Ludivina Rivera’s home.  Hank Gerbrandt, with the help of Omar King and five others from Pennsylvania, installed two exterior doors and insulated the walls.  Lillie and her husband stopped by more than once this week. Their daughter has picked out her bedroom and knows that she already wants it painted pink and decorated with unicorns. This is an excited family!

Framing has begun at the Lillie Martinez home.  Interior walls are all in place and the trusses are in the process of being nailed down….or up….. Sol Zook is on the crew here, and they are all doing a great job!

We are so thankful for Jesse Yoder as he does most of the pick-up of materials.  He saves the crews hours and hours every week because he knows right where to go and what they need.

Three of the new builds in progress are in Immokalee. Each homeowner, Coe, Rivera and Martinez, are happy to see daily progress and are very thankful for each and every volunteer that has helped get them out of temporary housing and back into their home. We are serving the Lord in south Florida and spreading the Good News with every opportunity He gives us.

Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Tom and Mary Brown, Barbara Dyck, Hank Gerbrandt, Layne Newswanger and Jesse Yoder