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Fort Myers, FL – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 19, 2019

Working with volunteers that we have worked with in the past is so much fun!! Barry Jones from Ontario brought some familiar faces with him that we worked with in Houston, Mississippi, and Philip Shirk from Wisconsin brought a group of eight with him.  We are thankful for your servants’ hearts!

Barbara Dyck led the Ontario team at Deborah Coe’s house. They spent a total of 186 hours this week preparing the walls for paint and installing the exterior doors.  Those walls look fantastic!! Three coats of mud were applied and sanded and the walls are now as smooth as a table top. There are a few touch ups to be done yet and priming has begun. Lexie Lavoie and her buddies did a fantastic job!

Ludivina Rivera loves the progress she is seeing.  Hank Gerbrandt led Aaron Martin and some of the Wisconsin crew in the job this week. The exterior of the home has been wrapped in Tyvek paper and the windows have been installed. Step by step we are seeing the end.

At Fidel Alviar’s home, we are replacing the shingles on his house. Roof vents were installed and the ridge cap put on. We are ready for the next inspection.

It took a total of 42 hours this week to complete the shingling at Christina Carrillo’s home. Nevin Brubacher and the crew got the house ready for the next look-see by the building inspector.

Hank, Bob Wideman and some others built some window boxes, hung melamine in a bedroom and made a vast improvement to the ceiling. Looking good, team!

At the home of Deborah Frank, the crew power-washed her house and it looks fantastic. Layne Newswanger, Ryan Burkholder and the rest are also are in the process of re-shingling the roof. The skirting and a leaking vent were also fixed. Deborah is happy homeowner!

Jesse Yoder was part of the crew at Maria Moreno’s house. Her shingles were torn off and the rotten OSB was replaced. It was a very difficult job to remove the old paper on the roof as it had a waxy coating and was stapled down.   New tar paper was put down and we are awaiting an inspection. Because our volunteers take such pride in their work, the area was cleaned up before they left.

John Ervin Horst assisted Layne and the group in removing the metal roof at Bertha Madrigal’s home. Once the old roof was off, they could see just how bad it was underneath. It was in dire need of reinforcing. The trusses were made of 1” x 1 ½” “sticks” and the OSB sagged at least 1”. Bertha got ten new sheets of plywood put into place.

All of the above was completed in just four and a half days.  Wow!  Thank you for your time and energy. It was well spent!

Remember that people are watching you. They see how you act and talk. Let them see Jesus in you! Make an impression and THEY will spread the word!

Phil and Kathleen Maneikis, Tom and Mary Brown, Barbara Dyck, Hank Gerbrandt, Layne Newswanger and Jesse Yoder