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Detroit Project Weekly Report 04-15-16

April 21, 2016

Report for week ending 04-15-16 – Detroit

This past week has been another fantastic week on the Detroit MDS site.

For starters, our long-term staff was blessed to work with a group of caring and enthusiastic Canadians. They came ready to work, and work they did!

Both Ms. Yvonne’s house and Mr. Converse’s house are almost wrapped up. Both of these basements were started at the end of the winter and considerable work has gone into each this spring. The transformation undergone in each exhibits the hard work and enthusiasm of our short and long-term volunteers.

This week our lively volunteers rushed to complete the basements to which they had been assigned before the end of the day on Friday.

Ms. Kimberly’s house was one such place that our volunteers worked diligently to finish. There, they replaced a leaky toilet seal and reinforced the floor below the leaking toilet. They also repaired a bathroom door and installed Plexiglass panes in the basement windows. Ms. Kimberly’s house has come a long way since MDS began working on it.

Another crew was able to satisfy their enthusiasm by experiencing their first muck-out. Although our long-term staff wasn’t quite sure how anyone could be so excited to spend a day in a wet basement, they were grateful this crew volunteered!

Overall, it was another fantastic week at the Detroit MDS site. The enthusiasm and good hearts of the short-term volunteers brought life and spirit into the work MDS continues to do.

The Detroit Team



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