Detroit, Mich.

Disaster Date: 12/22/2017
Project Status: Closed
Project End Date: 01/17/2018
What Happened:

Detroit, Mich.

What MDS Will Do:

MDS Region I began coordinating a response to muck out and dry out homes to prepare for rebuilding. Most of that work is complete and the next phase has begun to help homeowners get back home. Volunteers are replacing wallboard, and repairing water damaged walls and floors.

MDS also responded in Princeville 16-years-ago after Hurricane Floyd. When Kevin King visited the site in October one of the first things he heard was “We remember you. You are coming back aren’t you?” We will be there…after all God remembers us, and we are not left alone. Thanks be to God!

Quick Stats

Welcome to Princeville:

MDS Princeville Project Office
First Baptist Church
605 N Main St
Tarboro, NC 27886

Volunteer Opportunities