Conway, SC

Disaster Date: 09/14/2018
Project Status: Active
Project Needs: Repair work
What Happened:

Hurricane Florence hit land in North Carolina on September 14, 2018. The rain from the storm at some places was over 30”. All of that rain water went into the rivers which flow through South Carolina to get to the Atlantic Ocean. Conway, SC experienced their flooding event about 10 days after the storm passed. Many homes were flooded with several inches to several feet of water in the living space of their homes.

What MDS Will Do:

MDS Volunteers will be staying in a house across the street from First Baptist Church of Conway. Work will initially be focused on cleanup, and will transition to repair work once the houses dry sufficiently from the flooding.

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Quick Stats

Welcome to Conway 

Physical Address:
508 Beaty St Conway, SC 29526

Mailing Address:
MDS c/o First Baptist Church of Conway 603 Elm St Conway, SC 2952 

Conway Info Sheet 

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