Conway, SC RV Project

Project Status: Closed
What Happened:

Historic rains fell on an area of South Carolina stretching from Greenville to the coast, breaking dams, washing out roads and flooding many thousands of homes. The affected area was estimated to be 150 miles by 60 miles. The Waccamaw River flows through Conway, and many homes were flooded. In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew came ashore near Myrtle Beach, downing trees and again flooding some homes in Horry County.

What MDS Is Doing:

An MDS RV team worked in Conway in February 2016 helping build a new home and repairing others. There are repair jobs remaining from the 2015 floods, as well as other jobs to do related to Hurricane Matthew. Early Response Teams from Region 1 did cleanup work in Horry County in November 2016. The RV team will work on home repairs in partnership with Catholic Charities and others who are active in disaster response locally.