Conway, SC – Weekly Report – May 20-24, 2019

June 3, 2019

This week we welcomed a group of fourteen from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  We had a returning volunteer from Goshen, Indiana.  We also were glad to have Terry return for another week of service after a week traveling around South Carolina.

We had a very busy week helping our homeowners.  For Clelia Turberville, we laid flooring, painted the finish coat on the walls, painted and clear coated the trim.  Our work is complete, allowing Clelia and her father to be back in their home very soon.

We had a busy week of roofing.  First our volunteers stripped the roof, repaired the damage and papered and shingled the roof for Betty Alston.  Then the roofing crew moved to James Small’s home to do the roof there.  This was a large roof and took three days to complete. 

The crews continued to work on Denise McCray’s home.  Part of the group tore off the existing deck and installed a new deck and steps for the home.   Inside work was being done on the drywall, mudding & taping.  In this home we also installed a paneling and chair rail system that can be used in areas that flood frequently.  Work was done on the master bath and framing in the second bath in the home.  We will continue to work on taping and mudding this next week. We enjoyed visits from Larry Stoner, ROC for MDS Region 1; Paul Hunt, videographer; and Jesse Huxman, Communications Manager for MDS.  They had the opportunity to meet with Denise McCray and view the paneling system being installed in her home.  

In Daniel & Tanja Edmonds’ home, work continued with cabinet installation.  We are looking forward to finishing their cabinets, but have been delayed due to back orders.  We are hopeful that we’ll be able to proceed with the final cabinet installation and counter tops next week.   

Blessings from the Conway long term crew:  Jesse, Raven, Steve, Christa, Robert and Sally