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Conway, SC – Weekly Report – Mar 25-29, 2019

April 2, 2019

Our volunteers for the last week in Conway was a group of five from Petra, the Esh’s church. Long time organizer Elvin Horst brought nine from the Lancaster area and a lady from Manitoba and her friend from Ohio. Our goal this week was to finish the Alston house and get the other three as far as we could. What a week! On Tuesday, four from the volunteer team in Lititz came for a day of training and they installed the insulation and some drywall in the Ballow’s house, while others worked in different area under crew leader David doing wall repairs, installing a new back door etc.

Rich and Cole kept their group busy installing kitchen  cabinets, hanging doors, finishing flooring, installing trim and painting on the Alston house. On Wednesday, the Shermans (last week’s house that we finished) invited all the groups that were working in the neighborhood and the inside staff for a real Southern lunch. It was a feast! While we were there we had a house dedication. Across town, Roger had his crew laying tile, and doing trim in the Rollins’ house. We were pleased to have an electrician and a plumber among our volunteers this week and they went from house to house doing what was needed. God always seems to supply the volunteers we need in the final week.

Most of the home owners supplied lunches for their crews this week. The Alston house got completed by noon on Friday and Catholic Charities brought pizza out to the Ballows’ house for lunch for all of us. Then Overletta arrived and we went next door to meet her and have a small house dedication. Then we went back to camp to do clean up and start packing.

Our Bluffton student, Josh, had made us a wonderful dinner one night and chocolate chip pancakes and other things for breakfast one morning. He was the first to leave on Friday afternoon. Our cooks Anne and Betty had done a wonderful job of keeping us well fed for the month of March. Our weekly volunteers left early Saturday morning. Rich and Betty went to Florida to spend two weeks of rest and fun before returning home. Roger and Anne flew home while David and Cole flew to Fort Myers for a month to work there. When Ray and Martha left for home the last campers were being hooked up to move to the new MDS site across town.

We thank God that we could help the people in the Conway area and for the safety he gave us. To God be the Glory!

The Conway team: Josh, Cole David, Rich & Betty, Roger & Anne and Ray & Martha