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Conway, SC – Weekly Report – Mar 18-22, 2019

March 28, 2019

Sunday afternoon we welcomed Josh Becasen, our student cook from Bluffton. In the evening seven young ladies from Ontario, six young men and one adult from Wisconsin and a couple from Narvon, Pennsylvania were the team for this week.

Rich Esh led a group in finishing up the Sherman home. Rich said when he went there on Thursday morning he heard music and found out Roosevelt was so excited to move into his house, that he slept there in a recliner Wednesday night. Rich said, “I have helped work on many houses but this was the first one I finished.”

Ray had thought when we left here in December that we were finished cleaning out. However, that wasn’t the case. Again this week, two places had duct work, flooring and walls removed. Then new subflooring was put down. On two other houses the paint was applied. It was applied mostly on the walls, but there also were some very decorated dresses. Also, floors were installed this week.

Many of the jobs we are doing are to help the home owners to get their homes repaired so they can move back in sooner. Some are working full time and trying to do repairs on their time off. Others aren’t physically able to do it themselves.

We’re enjoying the azaleas, other spring flowers and the warm afternoons. 

Conway Team – Josh, Cole, David, Rich & Betty, Roger & Anne, Ray & Martha