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Conway, SC – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 26, 2019

Cole Unger from BC, a yearling (meaning he’s serving with MDS) joined us on Sunday afternoon as a crew leader. Our volunteers this week were four older folks and four young fellows from Ontario and four young guys from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

Ray was kept quite busy finding enough work to keep four crew leaders and their energetics workers busy. Cole led a group in dry walling in the Alston’s house.

Rich and his helpers worked on doing finishing work on the Sherman home and of course they again got a cat fish meal fried by Roosevelt.

David had a large group who cleaned out the underside of two houses, removing ductwork and insulation. Ms.  Ballew’s house got some sub flooring installed after the clean out.

Roger’s group finished dry walling at Ms. Rollins house and then started painting.

Annie and Betty were kept busy shopping and preparing meals to keep the big eaters well fed. Rogers’ Birthday was on Thursday, Pi Day, so of course we had to have pie with candles. Annie taught Betty how to do a lattice top on the cherry pie.

Martha got an unexpected hug from her massage therapist. When the massage therapist heard we were leaving in two weeks, she came around the counter and gave the hug to thank us for coming and helping her town.

Thanking God for good health and another great week of serving together.

Conway team: Cole, David, Annie & Roger, Rich & Betty, Ray & Martha