Conway, SC – Weekly Report – June 24-28, 2019

July 2, 2019

This week, we had a total of 31 people attached to the Conway project.  We had a wonderful youth group of 15 from Mercersburg Mennonite (Mercersburg, Pennsylvania) and three other weekly volunteers from Tremont, Illinois who really accomplished a great deal.  We have four house repair projects underway: 

The McCray house – a lot of final steps and finish-up touches were done this week, including completing insulation under the house, installing ceiling fan, countertop, sink, remaining drywall, baseboards, and windows.

 The Huggins house – Drywalling all week; railings installed. 

The Hyppolite house – Drywalling, painting, and flooring work finished this house up. 

Frazier house – interior framing was finished, including floor joists replaced; an interior, unused chimney was torn out, leaving the living room much improved; the roof shingles were torn off and carted away. 

The Bellamy house – The walls were primed and painted.  The flooring was started.

The MDS Communications team was with us for a few days and livened up our lives.  Thanks to both weekly and long term people for their dedication and generous spirits.