Conway, SC – Weekly Report – June 10-14, 2019

June 17, 2019

This week we had 7 long term volunteers and 9 short term volunteers, most from the Maranatha Family Christian Fellowship in Nazareth, PA. We are working on repairing houses damaged by flooding from Hurricane Florence that hit in September, 2018.  At the McCray house, activity during the week included installing flooring, window and door trim, sills and jambs, repairing and reconnecting the electric power circuits, and painting.  On Wednesday, footers were poured and pillars were replaced, strengthening the house support.  Holes in the ceiling were fixed.

The generator stopped working due to a broken pull cord at the exact time that the site electricity was restored.  The new cabinets were put together.   The fascia was replaced and painted.  The owner kindly provided pizza for the crew.

We finished the bathroom upgrade in the Alston house, including plumbing, caulking, and reinstalling towel racks.  The framing in the closets was done and the porch steps were beautifully replaced.  

At the Huggins home, we removed insulation and drywall from the ceiling and walls.   Walls were insulated, waiting for the HVAC to be installed before beginning drywall.

The Kenney house nearby had water up under the house.  The insulation under the floor had been removed.  Our volunteers in hazmat suits worked in the crawl space all day Thursday and Friday, and replaced the insulation.  The owner made cookies for the team and shared with them the story of what the flood did to her house and outbuildings, including destroying most of the mementos of her late husband.  She was very grateful to MDS for its volunteer labor, and to Catholic Charities which provided the funding for materials.

We were happy to get these families closer to going home and happy to share with them.