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Conway, SC – Weekly Report – July 1-5, 2019

July 9, 2019

McCray – Paint and plumbing were completed this week.  Shelves were built in to the bathroom alcove between the shower and the wall.  Ceiling fans were installed and the electrical system was completed.   A few finishing touches will be completed and all the cleaning will be finished before the dedication next Friday.

Bellamy – The painting and flooring was finished, and ceiling fans and vanities were installed.  Cabinets and countertops were installed.

Frazier – We continued working on the subflooring.  The entire house was re-roofed in a nice chestnut color.  The exterior doors were hung, and parts of the walls were insulated.

Huggins – The mudding, taping and sanding of all the drywall was finished.

The weather was extremely variable this week, starting with hot and humid.  We had some rainy rough weather beginning Wednesday late afternoon.  A house was started on fire near the homes we are working on, and we had to find another route to get back to the camp, all of which took extra time.  Through Thursday and Friday it continued to rain off and on, heavy at times, and lightning was frequent.  We are grateful to God that we had no direct damage or injury to person or property.

Our volunteers from the Morning View Mennonite Church youth group in Virginia put in a strenuous week, working in a lot of humid heat and then in wet weather – fortunately, the roofing was finished before the rains came.  We are grateful to each person working this week and so are our homeowners.