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Conway, SC – Weekly Report – Dec 10-14, 2018

December 27, 2018

On Sunday afternoon, we welcomed New Yorkers Delmar and Nancy Rutt, along with Galen and Betty Nolt, as our cooks and crew leaders for the week. They attended the Christmas program across the street with us during the week. Our group of 10 Amish from Newburg PA area didn’t arrive till 10:00 in the evening because of the snowy roads in VA and NC. We praise God that they arrived safely.

Miss Odessa was glad to see them back at her house, continuing the repairs and getting the flooring finished in the kitchen, along with all of the kitchen cupboards installed that Lowe’s had available. They also installed the carpet, cleaned the furniture and got it carried in and put in place. The girls spent a lot of time working on the kitchen table and chairs, cleaning and fixing them as best as they could. The new kitchen window got installed. When the girls ran out of work they cut some wood.

On Wednesday Delmar and 5 Amish girls cheered Mr. Henry by carrying extra things out of his basement and then power washed and vacuumed the water out. He was a delighted 81 year old man!

More than once during the week the girls sang Christmas carols for us and sometimes we joined in as we played games. We enjoyed the Christmas chimes from the church across the street.

It was another great week even though we ended it with pouring rain. We wish everyone a Blessed Christmas as we take a break until after the New Year.

The Conway team,

Ray & Martha Zimmerman