Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Oct 26-30, 2020

November 4, 2020

How does a group of elderly citizens get so much work done in one week?  It amazes me but all I have to do is look at this team and I soon know that it happens.  With God all things are possible.  We completed the renovation work on the Warren home and will have a house blessing this coming Monday. 

At the home of Ericka Ranson,  Steve and Pam completed the task of mudding, even after they thought they were done and then there had to be more holes cut in the dry wall to rectify the electrical problems.  After a day of more searching and fixing, Norm and the fellows got the task of getting the outlets working.  Let there be light and there was.  Between Doug, Ina, Cyndi, and Carolyn the very large family room was painted.  The kitchen ceiling was also done by Ina, Cyndi, and Carolyn.  Apparently, it had never been completely done as some of the drywall was still showing. (discovered after we had lights) Painting above cabinets that are only down from the ceiling about 2 inches is not really easy, but again the job was done without complaint.  This coming week we will paint the last 2 rooms and lay the many feet of flooring.  

Our group became smaller again on Friday as Steve and Pam left for their home in Pa. leaving only 7 of us for the next 2 weeks.   As Cyndi said on Friday morning “this is the hardest part of working with MDS – having to say good-bye to friends that we have made.” Even worse is finding out that they are having major motor home problems and are stranded.  They anticipate a trailer to tow them on Monday morn to Jackson Mississippi for repairs.  Trust and Obey for there is no other way.    

On Saturday, Roger and Ina’s daughter, granddaughter, and friend came for a short visit.  

Bob and Cyndi and Norm and I went for a tour of the Texas Botanical Gardens in Corpus Christi on Saturday.  We were again amazed at some of God’s creation and what a marvel it is. 

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Roger and Ina, and Steve and Pam