Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Nov 9-13, 2020

November 16, 2020

This morning we here in Texas got a small shower of rain that was so needed.  That is the first rain we have had since we arrived.  The sun then came out and gave us a beautiful day although a bit cooler than our normal.  As I write this update it is 85 with the promise of cooler days ahead.  On Friday morning Roger and Ina Heinrich left us to go visit their daughter for a couple of weeks and spend Thanksgiving with them.  A few hours later we received word that they were stranded along the road with a broken leaf spring on the camper.  “Trouble” is the word for those who leave here to go home so the rest of us have decided maybe it is best we all stay here.  The parts for Steve and Pam’s motorhome have been ordered and they are anxiously waiting for it to be fixed so they can go back to MS. to get it..  

On Friday afternoon Fred and Mary Wade from KS joined the 5 of us from IL, and KS.  They had no trouble arriving safely about noon.  Then on Saturday evening, Stan Yoder joined us from OR. so now we are a group of 8 again.  

The work week was filled with deck building and finishing the home of Ericka Ranson.  We had a house blessing for the home on Thursday afternoon.  She and her family were so happy to be back home as they had been staying at her brother’s and traveling back and forth making it very inconvenient for her son who needed to be home in his environment for home schooling.  We had finished the last small jobs on Wed.  The home looked so different from the day we started.  Ceilings were all repaired and painted.  New flooring had been laid in 3 rooms – one of which was 18×30 feet.   Many of the rooms were painted a much lighter color making the whole home appear lighter.  Also new light fixtures had been installed so that also brought in more light.  The day of the house blessing was such a blessing to us as we saw how she had redecorated and rearranged the home making it look so homey and welcome.  When Ericka was presented with a wall hanging, she said,” I know just where I am hanging that.  Right across from the front door so everybody can see it as they enter.”  

On Wed we were treated to a visit from some staff from the Lititz office. Kevin King, Jerry Grosh, Tom Smucker, and Jeff Koller were here, and we enjoyed a chicken meal that we purchased from a local business.  Ina made a delicious apricot cobbler for dessert.  Afterwards we all learned a bit more about each other as we all talked about our personal lives.   Before they left on Thursday morning the group visited us at our deck building sight and witnessed a crew working in the hot Texas weather.  It is always a pleasure to have company from the office come to see what we are doing,  

This coming week we are to go to another home that has been waiting to be finished for several months.  Another group of volunteers from another organization started and got it framed and the dry wall up and mudded.  Now we are to complete the home so the couple can move in.  It will be nice working on something new.  

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Roger and Ina