Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Nov 30-Dec 4, 2020

December 7, 2020

Our time for the fall project is ending soon.  We still have so much to do in a weeks’ time.  

The 8 of us are working hard to complete a bathroom from demolition to completion and a porch and ramp at another house.  This past week we completed the Hillis home and held a house blessing on Friday at noon.  This home was a result of many cooperating to get the home finished.  At the House blessing these groups joined in celebrating the completion.  Calvin and Renee Hillis are very anxious to move out of their RV and into their home.  Calvin stated he would be so glad to find their dishes so they could throw away the paper plates and the plastic silverware. ( what they have left from the storm is stored in many places)  They will still have to wait to move in, until the plumber has completed the water hookups and install the toilet.  Hopefully that will be in a few days.  Plumbers and electricians are run ragged trying to complete the tasks on so many homes.  

The manufactured home on which we are building the ramp and deck still has no electricity and it he has been waiting over 2 months for it to be connected.  This means that we must use a generator for our power source. Thursday was a very frustrating day for all of us.  First, it was a very cold windy day and when we got to the job site, there was no material on the property to work with.  The 3 gals sat in the van to stay warm and finally ventured out to cut up the boards that we did have.  Norm tried to go and get some 2x4s but the supervisor at the lumber yard said that they were bundled on the trailer to be delivered and the earliest we could have it was noon.  Finally, it was delivered, not like it was supposed to be (on Wed eve) but then it was time to work fast.  That plan was foiled also as Doug, and Fred could not get the drill bit to go through the thick concrete.  Even after Norm got a new bit, it took a lot of Norm’s muscle and a lot of help with a board lever to persuade the bit to go through the concrete so a post could be anchored down.  The back side of the house where the porch and deck are being built is like a land mine with lots of deep holes hidden in the weeds so falling was a thing of the day.  Luckily no one was hurt.  Cyndi and Carolyn started to screw down the deck boards we had cut and after several boards were screwed down, we were told we had to start on the other end.  Oh well, another challenge for the day.  

Friday our usual day off was changed also.  The CBDRG decided to hold 3 house dedications so that meant we needed to attend.  They were successful and made us feel blessed despite the fact that we had to change our plans. 

Socially we had our plans changed several times on Friday.  We could not attend the Texas Aquarium since we had house blessings, we could not find a place to park to watch the boat parade, and the lighted Christmas Drive was cancelled without it being posted on the web site.  God wants us to be flexible was the conclusion.

Saturday eve was not much better as we had decided to go see the fireworks and tree lighting over the Bay in Rockport.  It began raining when it was time to start but luckily it didn’t spoil the program.  

This week we will again return to the deck and ramp to complete them and also try to complete the bathroom at the other house.  If that happens, we will have completed 15 different projects this fall term and God willing  we will return in January to complete lots more.     

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Fred and Mary, and Stan