Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Nov 23-27, 2020

December 7, 2020

God again provided what we needed.  It was beginning to be quite a drought here in the Coastal Bend area of Texas but God saw the need and brought us a day of rain on Saturday.  It rained hard all day and along with that he brought wind and a front that cooled the temperatures.  We will work in temperatures in the 60s this week instead of the high 80s.  What a Blessing.  We got a lot accomplished this past week both on the long deck and ramp and at the Hollis home.  Stan and Doug put the cabinets together and hung them.  Doug nearly has the painting done on the outside of the home with a bit of touch up yet to do.  There is still nail holes to fill and caulking to be done but unless the electrician gets busy, we cannot hang the light fixtures nor put the face plates on.  We will get the counter top and the sink installed and the doors painted this coming week.  

The other group, Bob and Cyndi, Fred and Mary and Carolyn worked on the long ramp.  The gals cut and put-on spindles and put down the ramp floor while Bob, Fred, and Norm worked on the basic structure.  They got the holes dug for the back deck also.  They discovered a steel plate about 18 inches down and had to alter the course of digging since no one knew what the plate was.  No matter where the holes were to go, there were many rocks to dig through.  Thanks Bob and Fred for your determination and extra effort in this project.  The 3 gals will continue with the many spindles this coming week.

On Wed afternoon we quit early to go to the house blessing of Jessica Ortiz.  This is a home on which our group built a porch.  The CBDRG always has a ribbon cutting ceremony before the families move into the home and they ask our group to have the actual house blessing. Jessica and her daughter have been living with her parents since Harvey destroyed her home nearly 3 years ago.  You can imagine the excitement in knowing that this weekend she could move into her new home.  

Since we worked on Thanksgiving Day, we celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday.  We had a wonderful dinner with Turkey prepared by Mr. Hollis our client.  We as a group made the rest and had a real traditional meal together.  After the meal, Bob reminded us of what the first Thanksgiving was like; he read an article all about the pilgrims and why we should remember this part of our history.  Later we enjoyed a game of dominoes.

On Saturday eve after the rain had slowed, we all went over to the house and watched the movie Courageous.  As Doug put it, “a very good movie.”

Stan was privileged to spend the holidays with his daughter and family in nearby Aransas Pass although the rain changed the fishing plans.

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Fred and Mary, and Stan