Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Nov 2-6, 2020

November 9, 2020

We realize that the calendar says that winter is here, but we are not feeling the effects as yet.  Our weather has been great for working outside although in the hot sun it can drain the energy pretty fast.  It has been in the 80s most of the week but God is good and the evenings cool down nicely.   The group, which is now down to seven, was busy finishing up a home for Ericka Ranson.  She has not been living in the home while we are renovating. Doug did a lot of painting there on Wed and Thursday and has some touch up work yet to do this coming week.  Roger and Doug laid flooring in another room, leaving one room with flooring yet to be laid and lots of baseboards to put in place.  There are several lights and fans to hang and a bit more trim to do before we can call it completed.  Norm’s goal is for it to be done by Wednesday at noon.  Most of us believe that is a bit ambitious.  Cyndi, Carolyn, and Bob (with the help of Norm at times) built a porch on another home in Ingleside.  These homes that are getting the porches are not yet occupied but the 2 that we are doing now want to move in on Thursday, so we are working against the clock.  Monday we will finish one and begin the second one.  

We held our first real house blessing on Mon, Nov. 2nd at 5:30 PM.  Not our usual working hours but the homeowner did not get off work until then.  This family had been waiting so long to get their home done that they had nearly given up.  The caseworker said she had told them several times over that ” we will get to it soon, I promise.”  They were delighted that the promise had finally been kept.  

We were delighted to hear that Steve and Pam Haskin had gotten home safely but had to leave their RV in Mississippi to be repaired.  They were so fortunate to have God spare their lives several times, reminding us that God goes with us through tough times as well as smooth times.  

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Roger and Ina