Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Nov 16-20, 2020

November 24, 2020

Time is fleeting as we think about the closing of the fall project in just 3 weeks.  We have gotten a lot of work done but there is so much yet to do.  Hurricane Harvey was so destructive that there are many still waiting on help.  This past week our team worked on the home of Calvin and Renee Hollis.  This home was built earlier in the year but was left unfinished until we got it assigned to us.  Doug has been painting for over a week and the inside is finished and we are making progress on the outside. Cyndi, Mary, and Carolyn painted as far up as they could reach without a ladder and Doug is finishing it.  Stan and the fellows finished laying all of the flooring and Stan then started to do the trim work and baseboards.  It should soon be completed so they Hollis’s can move in.  They have been living in an RV on the property and see the progress each day, anxiously awaiting the go ahead to move in.  

Bob and Fred began a new deck and ramp on a manufactured home that is 8 feet off the ground.  Norm rented a post hole digger to make the work less tedious but that didn’t seem to solve the problem.  The ground was so hard that the digger just spun and did not dig.  The guys went several places before they found anyone who would allow them to get water so that could soften the dirt.  The water had not been turned on at this property at the time.  After pouring water where the holes were to be, the digger did the job with a lot of pushing from Bob and Fred.  Do you realize how many holes there needs to be for a deck and a 100-foot ramp?   Cyndi, Carolyn, and Mary helped on the deck on Tuesday through Thursday.  They got the floorboards on and many of the spindles cut and put on.  It is quite a challenge for we older gals to climb up on a deck 8 feet off the ground climbing a ladder that is sitting on extremely unlevel sandy and rocky ground.  

Our goal for this coming week is to finish the Hollis home and get the ramp nearly completed.  The gals will paint the doors and do touchup and clean up and the guys will finish the trim.   We plan on working on Thanksgiving and then cook a Thanksgiving meal here at camp on Friday.  As we heard in the sermon at church this morning.  Thankful means being full of Thanks. 

We were saddened to hear that the father of one of the CBDRG team had passed away.  Our sympathies go out to you Leanne.

On Saturday afternoon, Norm and Carolyn drove to Woodsboro, Tx. where the Ohio Disaster Relief Team is building 23 new homes.  The CBDRG bought a piece of property in Woodsboro  ( this town was nearly wiped out by the hurricane)  There we found the Amish working feverishly on these homes.  They have them is various stages of completion and everyone was busy doing what they were assigned to do.  A beehive could not have looked any busier.  It was a joy to watch these men hurrying around with such a purpose.  

We pray that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving even with the pandemic restrictions in place.  God is still in control. 

Norm and Carolyn, Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Fred and Mary and Stan