Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Nov 11-15, 2019

November 18, 2019

Well it has been a week of fruit basket upset in South Texas!!  I don’t think the weather in Texas knows any middle ground!?  It was cold and damp most of the week and the house we are working in have no heat yet, so we were cold some days.  Today it is 71, sunny and beautiful.  As we get down to the end of our current three houses we have split our team up in several different ways to get the best talent in the right house when needed. 

Currently our houses in Aransas Pass are essentially done.  We found out late last week that one of the houses is going to need a ramp, so that is one of our projects for this week.  We are having our House Blessing at the 608 house this week and on the other house the following week.  It is exciting to see the progress in these houses and we are excited to turn them over to the homeowners!

On our house in Corpus Christi, we are finishing up some trim, touching up paint and cleaning up.  We found out last week that the city will not allow them to move in until there is a cement poured driveway.  That will be done this week and hopefully our goal of getting them in before Thanksgiving will be achieved!!!

We are blessed with a talented and wonderful team.  We are enjoying each other’s company and will be sad when our time together comes to an end.  We have a lot of new, good friends!!!!!

Jim and Annette, Herman and Marilse , Ken and Linda, Ken and Rita, Dennis and Joann, Bob and Cyndi and Doug