Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Mar 2-6, 2020

March 27, 2020

March brings us a change in the team. We welcome Weldon and LuEtta Friesen, Indiana; Ron and Sheri Hildebrandt, Manitoba; and Alvin and Ruth Ann Yoder, Ohio, who join Les and Cecile Winters, Richard and Cheryl Miller, Jim and Linda Showalter, and Wayne and Delores Yoder. Because of a previous commitment, Cheryl left on Saturday morning having spent three weeks with the group. 

Monday and Tuesday Alvin, Ruth Ann, Les, Cecile, Ron, Richard, Cheryl were kept busy installing drywall on Cox Street. The four men were left to finish the drywall job on Thursday.

Weldon, LuEtta, Jim and Linda were kept doing some repair work for an 84-year old grandmother who is so grateful to have help in fixing her house. This kept them busy all week.

Wednesday, Ruth Ann, Cecile and Delores painted trim off the site of where it goes. After putting primer on the needed trim, they left it to dry and went into the house to meet the workers there. While getting acquainted, it rained!  Unfortunately, the painted boards were outside and needed to be wiped off which took the paint off as well. Those boards were left to dry the rest of the day and were sanded and painted the next day.

Tuesday evening the whole group went to Port Aransas for pizza. We have found a pizza buffet which includes soup, salad, and ice cream, a place to please all! Going out on Tuesday evening is becoming a regular event. After a busy day of working, the ladies thoroughly like the idea! 

One of our projects was delayed a week to give the spackling time to dry. So painting primer, followed by regular paint will be done on ceilings, walls, and doors. Weldon, LuEtta, Jim and Linda will have plenty of repair work to keep them busy.

Sunday we attended a church where one of the clients attends. It always feels special to be able to connect in that way.