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Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Mar 18-22, 2019

March 27, 2019

Jake and Agatha Falk from Manitoba, LuEtta and Weldon Friesen and John and Elaine Harley both from Indiana, Lisa and Paul Schamback from New York and Jim Showalter from Indiana, Dennis and Joanne Friesen from Manitoba, Audrey and Nevin Mast from Pennsylvania, and Wayne and Delores Yoder from Ohio, make up the team at Coast Bend in Texas.

Painting trim continues on Avenue F which kept Elaine and LuEtta busy. The kitchen cabinets were completed by Paul with John’s assistance. Weldon and Jim worked on installing door and window casings, as well as baseboards. The house is completed and is ready for the house blessing next Tuesday.

This week began the painting process on Danforth Avenue, starting with primer on all walls and ceilings, followed with a light color on the walls. Painting the kitchen area was the focus so Paul could install the cabinets. The counter top was included in that process. The walls were completed. The floor was scraped and sanded Wednesday in preparation for the vinyl flooring on Thursday. LuEtta and Elaine worked on painting trim throughout the week.

Nevin and Audrey and Jake and Agatha continued painting the outside of the house on Avenue G while Dennis and Joanne worked on the deck and steps which were started by another volunteer group. 

One of the highlights from the week occurred on Thursday evening following the potluck, when the guitars came out as well as some recorders. The music was enjoyed by all. Also, getting to Friday is always a bright spot for the week. Weldon and Wayne found time to go fishing with a guide out on the bay. Catching their limit was certainly a highlight for them. The House Blessing which was scheduled for Friday on Avenue F was moved to Tuesday. Next week on Danforth the group will continue installing trim, doors and window casings. The ladies will be painting the doors.

Submitted by Delores Yoder