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Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 27, 2019

Jake and Agatha Falk from Manitoba, LuEtta and Weldon Friesen and John and Elaine Harley both from Indiana, Lisa and Paul Schamback from New York, Jim Showalter from Indiana, Dennis and Joanne Friesen from Manitoba, Audrey and Nevin Mast from Pennsylvania, and Wayne and Delores Yoder from Ohio make up the team at Coast Bend in Texas.

Painting continues to be a main activity on Avenue F which kept Elaine, Audrey, LuEtta and Delores busy. The vinyl flooring was completed by Elaine, Agatha and Jake. The kitchen cabinets which were available were installed by Paul with John’s assistance. One cabinet is needed yet. Jake and Agatha worked on boards for the windows for hurricane protection, and then built a storage sling under the house. Paul, John, Weldon and Jim worked on installing door and window casings.

The ramp on Danforth Ave was completed by Dennis and Joanne! The railing was finished for the front porch under Weldon and Jim’s expertise.  

Work on Avenue G was started with caulking the outside hardy board. Wayne found some solitude for a few minutes while he worked there alone. The next day Nevin, Audrey, Dennis, Joanne, Jake, and Agatha joined Wayne in painting the hardy board. Friday morning started with the team going out for breakfast. Later a group went to Corpus Christi to visit the USS Lexington Museum.

Sunday we visited the United Methodist Church in Rockport. Before we left, they invited our group to join them in the “Community Table” on Tuesday evening since their church was hosting this week. This was one of their ways of expressing their appreciation for our work in their community.

Next week our plans are to finish painting trim, doors and baseboard followed by the final cleaning for the House Blessing on Friday on Avenue F. Danforth should be ready for painting — walls, ceilings, doors and casing as they come. Vinyl flooring and installing kitchen cabinets will be on the list of “to do items” also. We invited our local project coordinator to join us for a potluck one evening. When she left, she wondered when our next one was and said she wanted to come, which she did.  That evening she informed us that we needed to have another one before we terminated.

Submitted by Delores Yoder