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Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Jan 27-Feb 1, 2019

February 12, 2019

January 31 already completes the first month of working at Coastal Bend with Jim and Jan Smaill, Manitoba; Richard and Rosemary Prieb, Kansas; Jim and Linda Showalter, Indiana; Wayne and Val, Alberta; Paul and Lisa Schamback, New York; and Wayne and Delores Yoder, Ohio.

Monday found the group closing in the back of porch steps that were left open. There were four sets that needed to be done. Both houses were off the ground 10 feet.

Tuesday found the group waiting for spackling to dry so the painting could begin!  The floor had quite a bit of cleanup that the group kept busy with before lunch. The afternoon was spent putting a primer coat of paint on the ceiling and walls. With everyone painting, it was a busy place and having two or three in a room, we accomplished the task in good time.

We have a cabinet maker in our group and we did everything to make it possible for him to set the cabinets before he leaves in February. Flooring is in process of being laid. Window sills were installed and ready for final touch up work.

Each week a different couple chooses a church to visit. We enjoy visiting the different churches in the area. The last one had an average attendance of 30 so we made quite an impact on the group. They also enjoyed the extra voices with their singing.     

 Next week we will be painting all interior doors and installing trim on the second project. Painting hardy board may be an option on the third project.   

One of our group has been relating to a camper next to him and has invited him to join us in our Thursday evening group potluck. We have been able to connect with several people in the park where we are staying and have created special bonds with them.

This morning in devotions, Paul shared comments from a book by Tony Dungy where he stated that MVP stands for many valuable people. How true that is when working together as a team! We couldn’t do it alone.

Delores Yoder reporting for Coastal Bend