Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 21, 2020

Dennis and Joanne Friesen, Manitoba; Jim and Annette Martens, Manitoba, Wayne and Val Papple from Alberta, Jim and Linda Showalter; Indiana; Paul and Lisa Schamback, New York; and Wayne and Delores Yoder, Ohio, continue into their second week of working together.

Our second week consisted of spackling, spackling and more spackling. With needing several coats of mud, most of the week was filled up with spackling and sanding. A few of the group ended up with a repair job in a home we worked on las year and some restoration work doing wood skirting on a mobile home. 

The group enjoys going out to eat together whether it is Friday breakfast or dinner after church on Sunday. A special feature for us was getting together to make spring rolls under the direction of Lisa Schambach. We were invited to attend a House Blessing in Bloomington, Texas, where they had ten houses ready.

Next week will be filled up with painting. Restoration work seems to be available as an on-going possibility. The lady in the home where some warranty work was done was thrilled to point out the wall hanging and hand towel she received last year at the house blessing. The wall hanging is exactly where it was hung last year.