Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 1-5, 2021

February 9, 2021

Our time here at Rockport is coming to an end.  It is with mixed emotions that Norm and Carolyn will be finishing up our last week here and will leave the area on Saturday, February 13th.  Duane and Jean Anderson will be project leaders for the group and we know that we are leaving things in very good and capable hands.

Last Sunday, we got a new member of our team from CO.  Trish is single and as we quickly found out is talented in many areas.

This past week we had another house blessing at the home of Otis and Lena White.  It was a joy to work on their home as they were such a lovable couple and made us feel like part of their family.  The seven of us completed the back bathroom, living room, and hallways in their home.  Renovation included new ceilings, new flooring, and trim. She sat in her chair and talked with us while we worked making the day go very fast.  At the house blessing, Otis played a duet with Stan; Stan on the fiddle and Otis on the guitar with Otis singing.  At one time he played with a band so when asked to play he was thrilled to dig out his guitar. 

The group also worked on the home of Connie Cano.  Connie also has a disabled son and is a single mom trying hard to take care of her son by herself.  He will celebrate his 54th birthday this coming week. At this home we are putting up insulation and new drywall ceilings in the kitchen, dining room, and 2 bedrooms.  They were being used as storage areas so it took quite some time to remove things before, we could work.  On Tuesday morning, Connie stated that it was so “nice and warm in here last night.  We really slept well.”   The guys are taking out a wall that divides the kitchen and living room striving to give her more room to maneuver Jimmy Joe’s wheelchair.   Two windows in the back bedroom were repaired so that they now have no air blowing through when closed.   This coming week the mudding and painting will begin in earnest. 

The Amish built two houses in Aransas Pass that our group is to finish.  They still do not have any electricity or plumbing so we will start with the fascia and soffit and siding this coming week.  The weather has been beautiful and we pray that it continues while we are working outside.   

Norm and Carolyn. Bob and Cyndi, Doug, Stan, and Trish

Stan and Bob putting up ceiling drywall.
Stan and Otis (homeowner) playing a duet at the house blessing.