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Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

March 4, 2019

Dennis and Joanne Friesen from Manitoba, Henry and Joan Janzen from British Columbia, Wayne and Val Papple from Alberta, Nevin and Audrey Mast from Pennsylvania and Wayne and Delores Yoder from Ohio made up the team at Coastal Bend in Texas. We said goodbye to Richard and Rosemary Prieb, and this week we say goodbye to Wayne and Val Papple as well as Henry and Joan Janzen.

The house on Gulf Street was completely finished as the final trim was installed under the house.

Work continued on the porch on the house on Avenue F. Steps and railings were added. Since we were not able to paint walls, work was started on Danforth Ave to build the porch. A ramp needs to be included and will connect with the front porch.

While the men measured, cut and laid out the boards, two of the women learned to use a screw gun, placing the brackets on the floor joist and then screwing the boards down on the planks.

For two of the fellows, a fishing trip was high on the list of highlights for the week. Most of the others went to Aransas Wildlife Wilderness Refuge. Seeing baby alligators was special for all to see. Having an ice cream social was also special even though it meant saying goodbye to two couples.                                                                               

Next week we plan to paint in the house on Avenue F, including ceilings, walls, trim and doors. Part of the team will be working on the porch there to complete it. Work on a porch for the house on Danforth will continue as it includes a ramp. We have nine people joining us for the month of March.

Submitted by Delores Yoder