Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 24-28, 2020

March 3, 2020

This is our last week of working together with Les and Cecile Winters, Richard and Cheryl Miller, Dennis and Joanne Friesen, Wayne and Val Papple, Jim and Linda Showalter; Paul and Lisa Schamback, and Wayne and Delores Yoder before some move on. For us this means another month has gone by. Can it be already? 

This week we were kept busy on two new houses with installing insulation and drywall.  For some it means trying new things. In a different area where we worked, It would appear that there were some bored children and they decided to add some art work to a recently painted house. Fortunately, the ladies were able to cover it with two coats of paint. The front door had not been painted earlier so Cecile was able to paint the door as usual. This is the first time we have encountered any kind of vandalism on any project where we worked.

Dennis, Joanne, Jim and Linda worked at different locations doing some repair work.

Sunday evening Richard Miller served the team lemon meringue pie to express his appreciation for the acceptance they felt as they joined a group that had been working together. After finishing the pie, we spent about 45 minutes having a hymn sing. It was a very good evening.

We hope to start painting with primer, followed by regular paint. There are ceilings, walls, doors, and trim to be done and should keep us buy most of the week. We have two houses in progress and are waiting for local contractors.

We had a house that had been painted with undesignated artwork by children (we are guessing). One of the neighbors felt so bad about it that he wanted to do something to help. Delores worked on the trim work and Charles ended up helping Lisa repaint the areas that needed touching up.  He later stopped by with ice for our cooler as well as buying us something to drink.