Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 17-21, 2020

February 26, 2020

Working together this week is Les and Cecile Winters, Richard and Cheryl Miller, Dennis and Joanne Friesen, Wayne and Val Papple, Jim and Linda Showalter; Paul and Lisa Schamback, and Wayne and Delores Yoder. Cheryl was delayed in joining the group but arrived Sunday evening and joined right in with the group. 

Again, the group spent the week painting but this time it was inside. Les was kept busy pulling staples out of the floor where carpet had been. Paul did some repair work which required spackling. Later in the week Paul and Wayne P. removed the kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanity. Painting two coats of paint kept the ladies busy.

Dennis and Jim work at a different location doing some repair work.

Tuesday Wayne, Val, Richard and Cheryl returned to a place where we painted hearty board earlier to install insulation. Wednesday they were joined by Paul and Les to hang drywall.

Wayne Yoder who is the project director has been kept very busy this winter finding work to keep everyone busy and making sure supplies are available to do the job, meanwhile keeping in touch with the local recovery program. 

This week Tom Smucker and Darrin Yoder came to visit. On Wednesday we were able to have supper with them before they headed home the next morning. 

Hopefully we are able to resume a job which we started earlier and needed to put on hold to wait for plumbing services. It includes installing insulation and drywall. 

As we encounter people in the area, we are frequently thanked for the work we are doing. We have been visiting different churches on Sunday morning and again are recognized for the work we are doing.  The local recovery service said they could not this without MDS.