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Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 19, 2019

Dennis and Joanne Friesen from Manitoba, Henry and Joan Janzen from British Columbia, Richard and Rosemary Prieb from Kansas, Wayne and Val Papple from Alberta, and Wayne and Delores Yoder from Ohio make up the Coastal Bend RV team. At the end of this week we said goodbye to Jim and Jan Smaill, one of the couples who stayed two extra weeks.

On White Avenue, doors were hung so the painters could complete the painting. Caulking was done, which touched up things nicely. When the men finished their work inside, they put up insulation under the house (which is eight feet off of the ground) and were able to complete it in one day.

Four people from our team are working on a different site and continued painting hardy board as they worked around the mud which made it more challenging to do their job. The team also insulated the inside of the house. While waiting for drywall to be installed, the group moved on to the next house to do caulking. Finishing one job and starting two more houses always feels good. The team went out for supper for Valentine’s Day.

Next week we need to install insulation under another house that is built ten feet off the ground. Then hardy board will be put up to cover the insulation.  On White Avenue some of the doors need to be replaced and will need to be painted. Miscellaneous things like door jams, door knobs, towel racks need to be put on to add the finishing touches.

When people find out that we are here to do recovery work from Hurricane Harvey, they thank us many times and express their appreciation for our willingness to be here.