Coastal Bend, TX RV – Weekly Report – Feb 10-14, 2020

February 19, 2020

One benefit of a RV unit is that our group doesn’t change weekly and are able to continue as a group.  We have Les and Cecile Winters, Manitoba; Richard and Cheryl Miller, Arizona; Dennis and Joanne Friesen, Manitoba; Wayne and Val Papple, Alberta, Jim and Linda Showalter; Indiana; Paul and Lisa Schamback, New York; and Wayne and Delores Yoder, Ohio, continue working together. Cheryl has been delayed in joining the group but should be here next week. Richard left for the week to drive with her. 

The group spent the week painting hearty board as the weather permitted. One day was cold and miserable enough that they left after break knowing the forecast for the next day was expected to be much better. It did not take long the next day to finish the job.

Four from the group continued working on a ramp at a different location and were able to complete it. The end of the week the group spent time doing more painting, but inside while others worked on preparing the floor for vinyl or laminate.

Finishing a job is always a highlight for the group. We finished the painting outside, but need to wait for mechanicals to be done, In the meantime the group starts another job until work can be resumed. Getting a job card signed off is another highlight!

There is a Vietnamese Restaurant in Rockport that many like to go to for supper. The servings are large enough that one often gets several meals for their $10. Frequently some one will decide to go and invite others to join them. It is a great way to connect and build friendships as one takes time to relax in the evening.

For Valentine’s Day, Lisa and Val decorated the office and we ordered pizza for supper. The team brought in dessert. After a game of “Not so newlywed” we enjoyed a variety of desserts. It was a good evening and enjoyed by many.

We will resume a job which we started earlier and needed to wait for plumbing services. It may include installing insulation and later drywall. Some jobs have local contractors doing certain tasks, and sometime the team steps in as needed.