Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 6-10, 2020

January 14, 2020

Texas welcomed us with sunny warm weather as we opened the project at Coastal Bend after the Christmas break.  The Long-term group arrived early and we settled in and prepared ourselves for the next six busy weeks, reacquainted ourselves with Rockport and area, as well as the work that was ready for us to do.  Sunday night we were joined by 6 energetic and enthusiastic girls from PA, as well as 10 quieter young men, but with no less enthusiasm for the work.  

In Rockport we started building a new home for Ms. Sharon and she is eagerly awaiting the day she can move back home.  The pilings were in when we got here, and so we got right to work and by the end of the week, you could see the shape of the house.  The floor was on, walls were up and the trusses on as well as a good start made on the front porch.

At Ms. Linda’s house out in Woodsboro there was also good progress.  The exterior of the house was painted as was the shed adjacent to it.  There was a ramp built, and the interior was swept and cleaned up in preparation for interior painting this week.  The homeowner is well pleased with everything.

The weather made for perfect painting conditions and so we painted the siding, the trim and doors on Mr. Leo’s house as well as Ms. Dalila’s house. They are looking really good!

Ms. Jessie’s house went from pilings sticking out of the ground, to having a floor, walls and trusses, and all the tie downs and straps on and even some interior walls framed up.  It was ready for it’s first inspection by the end of the workday on Friday.

 Another framing job, this one for Ms. Cynthia went from pilings in the ground to floor joists and blocking and tie downs finished , as well as sheeting on half of the floor by the end of the week, and this was with only two guys on the job most of the time. 

Evenings at camp started with delicious meals from our cooks, stories told of the days work, and much talking and laughter, games and Corn Hole competitions.  One of the devotions in the morning was the story of the good Samaritan and we were again challenged to think about who our neighbor is.  I think the volunteers left at the end of the week feeling they had helped their neighbor, not the one next door but the one they didn’t even know before they came to spend their week serving here with MDS. 

From Coastal Bend,  Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Vern, Joyce, Jon, Elsie, Andrew, Merlyn,  Marcelia, Jolyn, Darlene, Krissy, Louise, Linford, Leroy,  Sam, Loren, Philip, Curvin, Kevin, Walter, Earl Ray, Enos