Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 27-31, 2020

February 5, 2020

It was a busy week here at Coastal Bend, and much was accomplished by our crew of 21 short term volunteers.  We mixed a group of 12 from Manitoba, with a group of 5 from New York state, and added in a man from Alberta and one from Illinois plus two more young men from Ontario and we had a productive, noisy week, but it was fun. The weather was great, better than where all the volunteers called home, and each day was filled with hard work and every evening started off with a delicious meal, and stories of the day.   Cornhole, Liars dice, Qwirkle, Hearts and other card games created plenty of noise and friendly competition and visiting and getting to know each other was less noisy but a good way to connect.

Our first job of the week was to head out to shingle a roof for Ms. Priscilla.  A different volunteer group was doing the house building but the shingling job was given to us.  We had a good shingling crew that got that taken care of by lunch time, and then they were off to other work.  Thursday, they did another shingling job   at Ms. Sandra’s house and Friday they joined the crew at Mr. Gilberts.

We started a new house for Ms. Maria.  She is anxiously waiting for her home to be built because she is presently living in Corpus Christi with her daughter but in her words, “it is too busy and noisy there” and she wants to come back to her quiet community where she has lived for 45 years.  Good progress was made at this site.  When we started on Monday there were just piers sticking out of the ground.  By quitting time on Friday, it was looking like a house, though there was no roof.   The floor was done, the front porch started, many hangers and hurricane straps fastened, exterior walls up and even some interior walls up as well.  Hopefully the trusses arrive early next week.

At Ms. Sharon’s house we finished up the porches and the stairs, as well as the caulking on the siding, did a little more inside work and then handed the project over to the Coastal Bend RV group to take it to finished. 

We finished trimming out the house, hanging interior doors and installed the cabinets and closet shelving at Mr. Leo’s house.  It is getting close to being finished.  Once the electricians are done, we will go back in and do the last of the finishing touches and cleanup and hopefully soon Mr. Leo can have his family over for a sit-down meal.  He told us that this will be the first ever house that has enough room for his family to be able to sit at a table for a meal, instead of having to eat standing up wherever there is space.

Ms. Dalila’s house got painted this week.  Didn’t take long for our painting crew to do the primer and two coats of finish paint, and then they moved back to camp where they painted all the trim for this house.

Work at Ms. Cynthia’s house continued as well.  They finished up installing all the doors and windows, finished up the siding and caulked it, and built the front and side decks, as well as stairs and a ramp and did the railings as well.

There was a beehive of activity at Mr. Gilbert’s house.  Monday the floor joists were done and the floor sheeted.  Tuesday, they put up the exterior walls, did strapping, worked on the porch joists and hoisted up one of the trusses.  Wednesday, they finished up the trusses, did the fascia board all round and started sheeting the roof, and the inspector was pleased.  Thursday, they finished the roof sheeting, the roof got taped, and prepared for shingles, walls got sheeted and hangers and strapping done.  Friday the size of the crew increased and by noon the roof was shingled, and the walls were sheeted, and the girls brought the crew treats for coffee break.

Ms. Jessie’s house got painted this week, and the railing on the deck and steps was done.  There was also a crew building her a ramp, and so more progress made here as well.  There were conversations between volunteers and Ms. Jessie’s son and that was a highlight for some of the volunteers.

Thursday one of the volunteers came back to camp early and we were treated to his famous rice pudding for dessert that evening.  Friday, we sent the volunteers home with thanks for a job well done and grateful for the work that was done this week.  We also had to say Good-bye to two of our long-term team this weekend and they will be missed.  They worked hard and led their crews well.

 It was a busy week here at Coastal Bend and much was accomplished.


From Coastal Bend,  Marvin, Leonard, Scott, Lorne, Al, Darren, Brian, Andrew, Rey, Derek, Kyle, Merrill, Erik, Luke, Steven,  Alvin, AnnaMary, Joanne, Sharon, John, Richard, Merlyn, Jon, Elsie, Vern, Joyce, Andrew, Jim, Martha, Kerry, Jo