Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 20-24, 2020

January 28, 2020

Three weeks!  How time flies when you are busy and having fun.  Joining us in the busyness this week were 5 young ladies and two couples from Wisconsin, a group of six Amish girls and their driver, plus a man from Alberta and another from Illinois.  It was almost full house, and it was a fun and noisy time as we all got to know each other.  Story times after work were full of interesting tidbits as well as reports of what work was done on each site.  Corn Hole competitions were serious business in the evenings as well as other games and much laughter and activity as we all interacted, and relationships started as strangers became friends.

Ms. Sharon’s house made good progress again and from the outside it looks almost finished.  The doors and windows were all installed, and the siding was put on.  The porches were built and the front one got a set of stairs and now getting into the house can be done without a ladder.  Inside we saw the finish of wall framing, as well as blocking put in and other small jobs that are important but not so visible.

The siding was caulked and painted on Mr. Gilbert’s house and garden shed by our painting crew, and then they moved on to painting more trim and interior doors at Mr. Leo’s house.  On the rainy day they had to spend some time watching the paint dry, but on the sunny days they were able to move their job outside, and the paint dried a lot quicker. Also, at Mr. Leo’s house there were interior doors hung and windows and doors trimmed out, followed by puttying up the nail holes and doing touch-up painting in some of the rooms.  It is almost ready now for the cabinets to be installed.

Monday at Ms. Jessie’s house the plumber was working inside, so it was outside work for our crew, and they got to work at putting on the siding as well as getting it all caulked.  Back inside once the siding was done, there were insulation stops put up, cabinet backing nailed in, doorknobs installed, and work done on the HVAC closet.

There was a lot of progress at Ms. Cynthia’s house and by the end of the week, the shingles were done on the roof.  There were windows and doors in place, and house wrap, and siding on and the front deck has boards down.  Inside they worked on putting in the nailers in preparation for the drywall.  Some of the work was done in the rain, and some was done in the mud, but it all looks good, and spirits were high despite the less than ideal conditions on some days.

On Friday a small crew went to work on preparing the site of a new build. They got the piles cut and notched and the stringers bolted on and next week’s crew will be all set to get right to work framing up this house.

And so, the week came to an end, and on Friday after a flurry of activity cleaning and washing vehicles, cleaning rooms and bathrooms and washing floors we said goodbye to a great group of volunteers.  Because they came, our clients are closer to moving back home. 

From Coastal Bend—Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Vern, Joyce, Jon, Elsie, Andrew, Merlyn,  John, Richard, Anne, Minerva, Brenda, Emily, Suanna, Jason, Emily, Leroy, Eva, Barbara Anne, Malinda, Cara, Neta, Laura, Edna, Rhoda