Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 22, 2020

The second week has come and gone and once again we enjoyed the balmy Texas weather as we continued the work.  Joining us this week were two different groups from PA for a total of 16 men and 1 woman, and by the end of the week we could see good progress again.

Ms. Sharon’s house is really making good progress.  By the end of this week there were shingles on the roof and there was plywood on the walls.  That sounds simple enough but there was a lot of work done that isn’t visible to get it to this stage. The house also got some windows installed and the doors were delivered but that is a project for next week.

We had a painting crew that kept busy all week.  First, they started by priming and giving two coats of finish paint to the interior of one home, as well as painting the doors. They moved to Mr. Leo’s house and got the interior primed but the next day they worked outside in the sunshine painting trim and painting the garden shed.  They finished out the week by getting the interior painted, and the trim finished.  Mr. Leo came by to check on progress and the crew was happy to be able to meet and chat with him.

Another one of our crews had a variety of jobs this week, no room for boredom for them.  Monday, they spent the day fixing up doors, stair railings and doing clean-up at one home to get it ready for drywall. Tuesday, they finished up a garden shed, and Wednesday they caulked and started painting Mr. Gilbert’s house.  Thursday the crew worked on another home and did a bunch of finishing touches so it would be ready for occupancy and Friday they were back at Mr. Gilbert’s doing more caulking and painting on the siding. 

At Ms. Jessie’s house there was a lot of activity both above and below.  The roof was sheeted and prepared for shingles and by Friday noon the shingles were done.  The interior walls were framed, and some of the exterior walls sheeted.  The fascia and soffit were done, the porch joists were started, and post holes dug for the back porch, and last but not least, the windows were installed. 

The crew at Ms. Cynthia’s home was smaller in number than some of the others, so progress was a bit slower but by the end of the week the exterior walls were up and mostly sheeted, the trusses were up (thanks to pulling in some talented help from another crew) and two sides of the roof sheeted.   There were interior walls framed, hurricane and truss clips put on and work begun on the front porch.  I think this crew put in a good week!

Camp life in the evenings was noisy with visiting, games, basketball (played outside of course) music, and laughter as friendships were formed, and strangers became friends.  We had the pleasure of hosting some of the MDS head office staff for supper on Thursday.  They heard our stories of the work, and of the home owners, saw for themselves the progress on some of the homes, and also encouraged and challenged us with stories of the work MDS is doing  and the needs that are so real “out there”.  Thanks Kevin, Heidi, and Tom. 

From Coastal Bend,  Chris, Glenn, Clair, Caleb, Katie, Rich, Dan, Linford, Nathan, Samuel, Nike, Tim, Abe, Nathan, Alvin Ray, Lester, Nelson, Anthony, Merlyn, Jon, Elsie, Vern, Joyce, Andrew, Jim, Martha, Kerry, Jo