Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 3-7, 2020

February 11, 2020

Week five.  A new week and the start of a new month.  it was a week of renewing friendships formed on other projects as well as making new ones, but we were also short two of our crew leaders who left us on the weekend to head back home to their regular jobs.  We missed them but we survived.  We were joined by a group of men and women from New York state, a couple from Ohio and two ladies from Ontario, Canada.   Everyone worked well together and there was progress on every job site.

We left Ms. Maria’s house last week without a roof.  That all changed this week after the trusses arrived and got put up.  The roof was sheeted and prepared for shingles but that was left for next week’s crew.  There were more hurricane straps nailed on, a back porch was built and stairs for both decks were added, windows and doors installed, and more work done on the interior walls.  This home is right near a large wind farm so one lunch these volunteers hiked out to one of the windmills and were amazed at how big they really are up close.

At Mr. Leo’s house things are getting so close to being done.  This week was about the little things and giving the tradespeople room to get their stuff done.  We finished the trim painting and the touchups, did the attic hatch and cleaned up the worst of the mess that happens during construction. 

There was Lots of activity at Mr. Gilbert’s house this week.  The house got wrapped, with house wrap, and windows and doors installed, and more strapping nailed on.   By the end of the week there was a beautiful deck with stairs and a hand railing, and all the siding was on and caulked and ready for paint.  The girls on that crew did a fine job and were almost ready to quit their day jobs back home and take up carpentry, thanks to their crew leader who instructed them well.

At Ms. Dalila’s house it was all about the trim and the paint.   All the windows got trimmed out, the interior doors were hung and painted, and the casing done, and baseboards installed.  There was spackling of the nail holes and touch up painting done, a vanity top fastened down and a mirror hung in the bathroom.  It is getting so close to being done, just a few more touch ups and cleaning left for next week.

Ms. Jessie’s house got warmer this week as the walls and ceilings were insulated, and doors were installed.  There were a couple of cement pads built, door frames painted, and cleanup done.

We also got started on a new build this week, for Mr. Ed and Ms. Gloria.  On Monday morning there were just posts sticking up out of the ground and by the end of the workday on Friday there was the shape of a house.  There was a roof up, with sheeting and paper and fascia, ready for shingles.  That meant that there had also been a floor built and sheeted, lots of hurricane straps nailed, exterior walls framed and some work done on getting the front porch started.   Good progress but still not ready for move in. 

The weather was very pleasant, and everyone enjoyed the chance to work outside.  After the workday we were blessed with delicious meals, and then the fun recounting of the days work.  Later there were games and visiting as usual, and this week there was some singing and weary bodies that laid their heads on their pillows when bedtime came.  It was a good week once again and we are blessed by the willingness of the short-term volunteers who came to work, and thereby give hope to those who watch and wait for their homes to be completed.

From Coastal Bend,   Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Vern, Joyce, Andrew, Merlyn, Stan, Judy,  Annie, Helen,  Jonathan, Lamar, Brenda, MaryElla, Leonard, Anita, Emily, Loretta, Reba, RuthAnn,  Jimmy, Leroy, Lillian, Wilson, Fairman, Mary Lou