Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 24-28, 2020

March 3, 2020

This week brought us two groups of wonderful folks and some beautiful sunny Texas weather! A group of four young women from Canada came ready and willing to work, as well as an energetic group of six young men from Lancaster, PA.

They readily participated in whatever was asked of them, from signing up for devotions to changing job sites. A couple of evenings they built a nice campfire to warm up with. One morning we discovered a beautiful chalk drawing on the concrete driveway, and we were all impressed with the artistic talent of someone in this group!

We enjoyed learning from each other, and this included learning how to measure in “whiskers” as well as observing one of our entrepreneurial leaders attempting to earn coffee money by answering every request with “Sure, but it will cost you a dollar!” 😊

A lot of progress was made at Ms. Jessie’s house this week with the flooring finished, doors hung, trim painted and installed. The crew also installed door and window casings, caulked casings and base, and painted window trim. The kitchen was installed on Thursday.

Painting, caulking and siding continued at Ms. Sandra’s house. Insulating was completed.

An outdoor condenser platform was built at the Gregory house and painting was done on the siding.

The crew at the Bailey Street house finished the floor and set up exterior walls. They bolted floor beams and installed joists. They finished setting rafters and installed plywood on the roof.

Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Mary’s house had doors and casings installed, caulked and painted, trim, pin rail and shelves painted and caulked.

We are looking forward to continuing progress on these houses next week.

Coastal Bend long-term volunteers – Don, Laverne & Beverly, Leon & Marlene, Merlyn