Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Feb 10-14, 2020

February 19, 2020

Six weeks, and our time here has come to an end.  We had help from four fellows from PA, nine men and women from VA and another couple from PA.  The weather cooperated and we got a lot of work done on the job sites again.  There was lots of fun and hard work on the jobs and lots of fun and laughter after hours at camp as well.  Once again, we saw how strangers became friends.

A couple of highlights of the week included an appreciation lunch for all of us here Coastal Bend MDS hosted by the Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity.  We have been working for them on many homes and they thanked us with a delicious BBQ lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs and banana pudding for dessert.  We appreciate their leadership and hard work as well.  On Thursday some of us got to attend the home dedications for a couple of the homes we have been spending quite a bit of time on.  It is always a highlight to be able to see a family come home again.  Mr. Leo and Ms. Dalila got the keys to their lovely new homes and were very happy to be coming home again.  It is always a blessing to be a part of restoring normal to folks.

On the work front, progress continued on the other homes as well.  Ms. Maria’s house now has shingles on the roof and siding on most of the walls, more work done on the deck and porch ceiling and other more invisible, but important jobs that every house needs.

At Mr. Gilbert’s house there was truss blocking nailed, porch steps framed and built, and handrails put on.  On the inside all the walls were framed.  Work also included feeding a dog that was making itself at home there.

The shingles are on at Mr. Ed and Ms. Gloria’s house now as well, and there was work done on building the front porch.  There were windows installed and the siding hung.  Interior walls were framed, and a lot of strapping nailed.   Good progress made, and it is really looking like a house by now.

We had another paint crew going this week and Mr. Gilbert and Ms. Mary’s house got a coat of primer and two coats of finish paint, plus a lot of clean-up and now it is ready for the flooring crew to come in and do their stuff.

 There were a lot of small jobs done, like putty and paint touch ups, cleanup, windows and floors washed and a variety of things needed to get homes finished for dedication. We are thankful for our volunteers who faithfully, and cheerfully worked at these tasks that are not so much fun but need to get done.

And so, we say good-bye to Rockport.  It has been a great time.  We have met many great people and worked with many good folks, and we have made many new friends.  We are thankful that God put us in this place at this time.  We hand off the work to another capable team who will continue the work to bring people back home and be the hands and feet of Jesus to them and the community.

From Coastal Bend,  Kerry + Jo,  Jim + Martha,  Vern + Joyce,   Andrew,  Merlyn , Merv + Loretta,  Janessa, Jordana, John David + Marilyn, Todd,  Ben, Keith, Kenny, Terry, Tom, Nelson, Earl, Jeremy