Coastal Bend, TX – Weekly Report – Dec 2-6, 2019

December 10, 2019

We started our week off with no short-term volunteers. Monday a group was putting on siding and floor joists for a porch. The other group was notching piers for a new house. Tuesday both groups were still working along on their houses with deck boards going up and floor joists being put on the floor. Our volunteers came Tuesday evening from Indiana.

Wednesday walls were being delivered to the one house. Habitat had volunteers that built the walls. They were all standing by the end of the day. One group was framing a ramp and put bracing in rafters, while another was putting in blocking and hurricane straps on the floor joists.

Thursday, one group finished the floor for the house, the other group was installing a door and putting trim on it and framing the ramp turn-around. The third group was putting on plates and strapping porch beams. Friday a group was sheeting walls and one group finished siding on the house and another group framed walls.

We had a very warm week, but we got a lot of work done. Praise be to God!

Submitted by: Don, Ryan, Peter & Margaret, Dan & Pam and family and Eva