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Rockport, Coastal Bend, Texas Weekly Report, Feb. 19-23, 2018

March 4, 2018

A lot of work is happening in Coastal Bend of Rockport, Tex, with many different groups here lending a hand at rebuilding this community. I have found it very encouraging to see homeowners working on their properties after work and on the weekends.

This week we were privileged to have a first time “Assistant cook” Laura from Illinois who on leaving stated “I am told that once you start with MDS you are hooked and I think I am hooked!” Our short term volunteers included two groups of young people, one group of five drove from Ontario, Canada and the other group of eight drove from Shippensburg, Pa. They were kept busy repairing homes and at this point we have several homes at different stages of the process.

At Mikey & Linda’s where Phase 2 of their project is underway – the addition was framed and shingled by Thursday.

Joe and April’s home is taking on a fresh look with the addition closed in and new windows. The living room is coming along with the shiplap board interior.

Sheyenne’s is almost complete as we struggled this week with some small details.

At Ray’s the week was spent finishing the drywall.

A bit of a push at the end of this week came with Gracie and Tommy’s home where the electrical is being put in on Saturday.

And at Kaleb’s where we are helping him with his hardwood flooring that needs sanding in preparation for finishers who are coming in on Sat to stain and seal it.

The highlight for the week is to have a homeowner join the team for a supper meal and share their story and experience. This week we had Joe and April with their two children join us. Joe has been working alongside the volunteers in their home which is creating lasting relationships. They shared their story and the effect the storm had on them and their children to the point of needing counseling and added support. They ask for prayer as they deal with restoring their home and their emotional lives.

This next week we plan to get metal roofing on Gracie and Tommy’s, do shingling at Kaleb’s, continue on the addition at Mike and Linda’s, at Joe and April’s we will continue to complete the interior, complete a shed for Clyde, and at Ray’s we will be installing crown molding and start painting.

Submitted by Priscilla Epp for the Long Term Team – Ike, David H, David M., Jan, and Emily.