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Coastal Bend, Tex., weekly update, March 5-9, 2018

April 5, 2018

This week we have an “all – girls” team as seven young women who drove from Ontario to be with  as well as a group of four young women from New York who took the train to be here for two weeks.

Daily volunteers are a welcome encouragement to the MDS site and this week we had the privilege of having Benson join us for three days. He and his wife are from Ohio spending some time in the area, so he has joined us as a daily volunteer. As a couple they joined us for a supper meal on Thursday.

The drywall board has all been hung and the mudding is into the second coat at Mikey and Linda’s home. Linda visited the home on Monday and had been impressed with what she saw.

Sheyanne’s house is completed and the job card is signed off on Thursday.

At Gracie and Tommy’s we have put in the insulation, installed a screen door, and started with drywall board.

At Ray Nelson’s we finished painting

Joe and April‘s home the shiplap in the living room is sanded, the nail holes are filled, two coats of stain has been applied and it has been varnished. The bedroom has been spackled and painted.

Kaleb and Lucy’s home has been painted. The MDS group was privileged to have Kaleb and Lucy with their two young children join us for the supper meal on Tuesday. We heard their story and again the impact the storm and aftermath had on their daughter who has told them her hesitation of moving back to their home as she is afraid another storm will “blow her bedroom walls in”. Presently the four of them are living in a camper – very small quarters for a family. They have felt their faith has been strengthened through the circumstances but have no desire to experience this again. They also mentioned that the school their daughter attends recently changed from generator power to electrical power.

There seems to be lots of work to do and this week another shingling job was signed on for Mike and Susan.

How many potatoes are needed for a meal when the MDS Cookbook stated the measurement is ½ to 1/3 lb per person? Our kitchen crew was very creative in calculating the weight of a potato to get their answer – using two carpenter levels, ½ lb. butter and a potato.

Submitted by Priscilla Epp for the Long Term Team: Ike, Lois, David and Jan

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