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Citrus County – Weekly Update – Oct. 29-Nov. 3, 2017

November 7, 2017

Another remarkable week has ended here in Florida.  We are making great but slow progress on the home of Anna Brass.  It is amazing how she was able to walk around in the house as we are finding there is no subfloor left under the carpet and plywood.  That means many new pieces of support and insulation need to be added before any more plywood can be put down.  Also, another challenge has been the roof rafters. Unfortunately, they were built poorly, the damage is extensive in some areas so how to support them without replacing them is a challenge.  We have come up with a plan and will be able to continue the work.

This week we accomplished the floor in the laundry area and the first and second bedroom.  The ceiling supports were completed in the second bedroom and the new ceiling put up.  Millie Hershey painted the ceiling in the kitchen and dining room. Carol Workman did the bedroom.  Dorothy Rempel and Carolyn Ringenberg painted the kitchen. Our wives painted the first bedroom and closet.  Again many hands make work lighter.  The temperatures were pleasant this week and the bright moon and stars reminded us of God’s wonderful world we have to enjoy.  

On Friday we all took a ride down to Tarpon Springs to learn about the area and enjoy the many shops that line the sponge dock area.  On the way down we stopped to have breakfast at a restaurant that we had frequented when we worked in Pasco County.  The waitress recognized some of us and gave us a warm welcome, stating it was so nice to see us again.  Another great thing that MDS does for us- the chance to make many new friends in the area in which we work. 

Sunday morning led us to the Cowboy church in Lecanto.  Again we heard a very fitting life lesson.  Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and especially homeowner Anna Brass and her family.  

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