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Citrus County – Weekly Update – November 17, 2017

November 27, 2017

Work again went very well this week.  We installed the kitchen cabinets for Anna Brass.  Nearly all of the painting was completed – even the Blue Room.  Anna’s adult son loves dark blue.  We anticipate finishing this home this coming week.  Thursday afternoon as we were leaving the house, Brass said, ” I can’t wait to get into this new kitchen,”  It was such a joy to have her finally be more open and talkative.  We have sown the seeds and we pray that some of them will soon sprout.  

Several of us finished the small job just down the street. Carolyn Borgenson had a contractor who quit before the project was done.  We painted the bedroom, hallway, and kitchen, and stained all of the kitchen cabinets.  Norm Ringenberg and Keith Workman hung a bathroom cabinet.

On Friday evening we went as a group to a rodeo in nearby Inverness.  Everyone had a good time.  Saturday evening we went to the Gospel sing at the Cowboy Church. 

We continue to covet your prayers.

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