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Citrus County, Florida, RV Weekly Report, Oct 15-19, 2018

October 22, 2018

It was another hot week of record setting high and low temperatures for our team of 4. Bob and Cyndi and Norm and Carolyn continue to work on small jobs that have been waiting for nearly 2 years to be repaired.  The roofs were replaced during the summer and now the interior work can be done.  We finished the work on our third assignment where we replaced the rotted siding near the living room and therefore the living room wall and floor and ceiling near this area.  The guys tore out the bad ceiling in the laundry room and replaced it.  The gals did a lot of painting throughout the house where the water stains were quite bad.  With a coat of spray Kilz and a heavy coat of ceiling paint it was covered and looked great.  We also followed the guys in painting what they had replaced.  The next week brings us to a double wide home that is being completely renovated.  Catholic Charities has provided some of the funds and the homeowner is doing much of the work.  We are helping him for a week with making a new countertop and again the gals are to paint. 

On Saturday, Jim and Annette arrived to stay for a month.  What a wonderful sight that was to see them pull into the campground. 

The small dedication service we held for Margaret  Nov was great.  She had recently fallen and broken her femur, so she was still recovering.  She wanted to help so badly and quite often asked if she could help in any way.  She struggled with what many of us have had to realize at some point in our lives – the fact that it is much harder to receive than it is to give.  The tears of joy were enough to make us tear up as well.  This is what makes working with MDS so special – knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of those we serve.  May the Jesus seeds we sow be nurtured and grow. 

Norm and Carolyn and Bob and Cyndi